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What is more effective, an air horn or bear spray?

Research has shown that a bear’s hearing is twice as sensitive as a human’s, therefore sounds that we perceive as loud, will be even louder and more startling to a bear. An air horn can be effective from distances in excess of 100 feet away from a bear. Unlike bear spray, an air horn can

Can air horns be transported on an airplane?

Yes, the Hornet rechargeable electric air horn has no compressed gas so it can be transported safely on an airplane. Traditional disposable compressed gas air horns are prohibited in both carry-on and checked luggage on passenger airplanes. In addition, they cannot be shipped air freight as they are classified as hazardous goods.

Are air horns mandatory safety equipment for boaters?

In Canada, the Small Vessel Regulations require that all boats carry some form of sound-signalling device, such as a whistle or horn. The requirement depends on your type and size of boat. Approved sound-signalling devices and appliances must be audible for a minimum of 0.93 km. In the USA, for boats up to 65 feet

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Are air horns used for safety stations or muster stations in factories or on construction sites?

Yes, emergency safety plans are required for construction sites and large industrial facilities and will often include an air horn at safety stations and muster stations. An air horn is an approved and effective means of alerting people of an emergency over a wide area. A pattern of use can also communicate what the emergency

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Is an air horn effective as a wildlife deterrent in the wild or in my backyard?

Yes, studies have proven that air horns are a harmless but effective deterrent for bears, cougars, and coyotes. The Hornet rechargeable air horn will generate over 121 decibels of sound, more than enough to frighten-off these animals at a distance of 100 feet or even greater. Field researchers working in bear country will use an

Does bear spray actually work?

Yes. However, do you want to wait until a bear is within 25-30 feet before you react? Using the Hornet rechargeable battery powered air horn will give you a solution for harmlessly and effectively deterring a bear from over 100 feet away. A bear’s hearing is twice as sensitive as a human’s so loud noises

What are the common signals that boaters use an air horn to communicate with?

Below is a list of the common information that is communicated by recreational boaters using an air horn. The signals must be audible for at least one-half mile. Note: A short blast = one second. A prolonged blast = 4–6 seconds. Changing Direction: One short blast tells other boaters, “I intend to pass you on

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Can you take bear spray on an airplane?

No. Current regulations prohibit the transport of compressed gas cylinders on airplanes, and bear spray is categorized as such. The Hornet rechargeable battery powered air horn, however, can be safely transported on airplanes.

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